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Large Project Management

Often times buildings need to undergo major repairs and renovations. Whether it is a new roof, re-plumbing or rainscreening the building, Ocean Pacific understands these are undertakings of considerable proportion.  With combined sixty years of experience in the construction industry, Ocean Pacific has established relationships with qualified subcontractors from all areas of the field.  Our ability to manage large scale projects comes from expertise earned and learned over the years.  Ocean Pacific can help you control costs as well as expedite completion of the project on schedule.


Demolition doesn’t necessarily mean knocking down an entire structure.  In some cases, people choose to take down only part of an existing structure, or leave up a particular wall or fa├žade to retain some of the original charm or character of the place.  Often, the cost of major renovations or repairs far outweighs the cost of just demolishing and building a new structure from the ground up.  Whether it is tearing down a wall, a garage or a house, Ocean Pacific can provide a full demolition crew to ensure the demolition is performed safely, securely and apply for all the necessary demolition permits.


There are times, particularly in the Property Management, Strata and Condominium areas, when repairs are required to common areas or within rental suites.  Ocean Pacific has the capability to perform both major repairs and minor fixes, based on your exact requirements.  We have a full crew of carpenters, painters, drywallers and construction workers to meet any need.


Often after a fire or flood has caused damage to a building it can be viewed as a golden opportunity to do those renovations that have been put on hold for so long.  Or sometimes there is a desire to transform the old and dated to fresh and vibrant.  Ocean Pacific can assist you in planning as well as executing this work.  Whether it is as small a job as removing a closet or as large a job as redesigning the complete interior to suit your needs, our crew of workers are available to convert what you have into what you want.

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